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Free Cake for Every Creature Play Final Shows

It's true — Free Cake for Every Creature will play their final two shows in New York and Philadelphia this May. It’s been an honor and a pleasure to work with Free Cake for so many years and on so many great releases. Their catalog will forever be DDW classics in our hearts :”)

Read a note from Katie and keep up with her future art on her instagram.

Free Cake for Every Creature on their first tour

Dear friends, I’ve decided to end “free cake for every creature,” in goodwill & and gratitude for everything the project has given me. Both my pride in “The Bluest Star” & our recent European tour have beyond exceeded any hope or expectations I had for the band & it just feels right to end now, on a high note. I hope you’ll join us for our final two shows in NY & Philly (more info below). If you're in the midwest, we're also playing The Flyover Fest May 11 in Columbus.

I’m eager to move on to other projects, but playing with free cake was the best way I could have spent half my 20’s. I’ve learned so much about how I want to be as an artist and person, gotten to see a lot of our country and the world, and found my community among the smartest and weirdest creatures in the universe. Thank you so much for being part of it <3

You can keep updated with me over on instagram (@katiepbennett) for now. I'm slowly working on more music & longform writing projects. From Diane di Prima: “Looking at the sky, I know I will be a poet, and knowing that know what I will lose. Have only the dimmest sense of what I will gain. What I step into now. What might be mine. Embrace this new thing, my will.

Final Shows

5/11/19 - Columbus, OH - The Flyover Fest
5/30/19 - Queens, NY - Trans Pecos (w/ Yours Are The Only Ears & 2nd Grade)
5/31/2019 - Philadelphia, PA - Everybody Hits (w/ Remember Sports & Amy O)

Gemma "Feeling's Not A Tempo" Out May 31 — Listen to "Only One"

Listen to the lead single "Only One" from Gemma's forthcoming full-length — "Feeling's Not A Tempo" out May 31st, 2019.

"The track emanates glittering synths but also features some sharp percussion and sticky bass licks underscoring Douglass’ unimpeachable vocals." —Stereogum

Here's Gemma's take on the track:

“I wanted to express a bold and confident narrative from a woman’s perspective, essentially telling someone to leave their comfort zone and give more,” Felicia Douglass says of “Only One.” “There’s a thread of surrendering to dream scenarios across the album, escaping your reality for just a second to get by.”

For Erik Gundel, the lead single is "about the butterflies you get in your stomach when contact with someone first shifts into the romantic and how you need to remind yourself to be open to those experiences,” he says

Listen on:

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Surprise! Lomelda "M for Empathy" Out Now!

1. Talk
2. Bust
3. Bunk
4. M for Magic
5. M for Mush
6. Tell
7. So Bad 1, Girl
8. Slide
9. So Bad 2, Care
10. M for Me
11. Watering

What is 'M for Empathy'?

My new album ’M for Empathy' is mostly things said or shoulda said.

Much of it, and it's just a lil of all that’s coming, came to me, or

outta me, outta a deepening silence. Something you can hear a lot of.

It made a way for me to say many things that were necessary to voice.

It also let me not say and just sing as much as I wanted, which is

important too. Making peace with the word in me, just a lil, all my


xo, Hannah

"M for Empathy" is available everywhere Friday, March 1st.

Listen on your preferred streaming service:

Tour Dates

3/1/2019 | Columbia, MO | True/False Film Festival

3/2/2019 | Columbia, MO | True/False Film Festival

3/3/2019 | Columbia, MO | True/False Film Festival

4/20/2019 | San Diego, CA | Irenic (w/ Big Thief)

5/5/2019 | Brooklyn, NY | Elsewhere (w/ Big Thief)

Hatchie "Without A Blush" — Full-length album Keepsake out 6/21

Since the 2018 EP Sugar & Spice, the world has been waiting on a full-length album from Hatchie. Well, it's coming, and we're so pumped to share new music with you.

Watch the official music video for "Without A Blush" — the first single from Keepsake. "Without A Blush" is an encapsulating introduction to the new chapter of Hatchie, full of textured industrial pop sounds and dizzying rhythms, but not without the light, airy melodies to carry you through.

Keepsake will be released on June 21, 2018.

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US Spring Tour with Girlpool

Tickets are on sale now.