Told Slant

Told Slant

Told Slant is the songwriting project of Felix Walworth (They/Them),
Brooklyn based lyricist, producer, and founding member of The Epoch arts
collective. Walworth started the project in 2011 as a means of marking a stylistic
shift in their songwriting, specifically a shift toward understated, ambling
arrangements and simple, illustrative lyrics.

Told Slant’s debut LP, Still Water, was self-released in 2012, then re-released
and pressed to vinyl by Broken World Media in 2014.
The band released their follow full-length record, Going By,
with Double Double Whammy in the summer of 2016.

Though Told Slant functions more like a “solo project” in its recorded state,
its live incarnation is arranged and performed by Walworth and Epoch co-
collaborators Emily Sprague of Florist (She/Her, They/Them), Oliver Kalb of
Bellows (He/Him), and Gabrielle Smith of Eskimeaux (She/Her). Sprague, Kalb, and
Smith bring their particular sets of influences and intuitions to the band’s live sets in
a way that draws out more energetic and dynamic arrangements from the songs.

Told Slant’s members live in Brooklyn, NY, and tour actively.

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