LVL UP's debut album, SPACE BROTHERS, now remastered and with new artwork. On vinyl for the first time since its initial release. This reissue includes an immediate download of SPACE BROTHERS, and 15 demos + b-sides of the album.

*Note* Vinyl release only plays SPACE BROTHERS, while cassette includes the album as well as demos + b-sides. All orders receive digital version of all tracks.

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  1. Roman Candle
  2. Alabama West
  3. Black Mass
  4. Topsider
  5. Third Eye
  6. Dark Window
  7. (face)
  8. Nightshade
  9. Rotten Ones
  10. Apocalyptophobia
  11. Bro Chillers
  12. Walking Home
  13. Elixr (19)
  14. consistent (demo)
  15. trial one (demo)
  16. new venom
  17. nothing unheard
  18. apocalyptophobia (demo)
  19. amerika
  20. pale horse
  21. second guess (demo)
  22. turn twice (demo)
  23. alabama west (demo)
  24. nightshade (demo)
  25. roman candle (demo)
  26. buy me ice cream (demo)
  27. third eye (demo)
  28. dark window (demo)

First Press:
250 "Bone" Vinyl
250 "Grimace Purple" Vinyl
250 White Cassette Tapes

Second Press:
500 "Sea Blue" Vinyl