The Glow

Am I


The debut album from The Glow, "Am I". Limited to 500 baby pink LPs. All orders come with digital download.

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"Am I is all about memory – how we see ourselves in light of our actions, how we preserve the things that matter to us, how the past creeps into present." - Post-Trash

"Caridi has channeled all that existential dread into songs that sound like deconstructed versions of the music that he was making with his band before. All the same elements are there β€” sharp hooks, crunchy guitars, sour melodies β€” but they’re hidden behind echoes and a hissing atmosphere, reconfigured for a project that feels more solitary and yearning." - Stereogum

The Glow's debut album begins with a question- "Am I good?"

Less concerned with finding an answer, this query instead serves as a mantra for Mike Caridi (LVL UP) as he explores self-loathing and anxiety, love and self-improvement.

Am I is a sonic transition of sorts for Caridi, bridging the gap between the end of his long-time rock band LVL UP and a new, more solitary musical future. While the record's first five songs were written between two LVL UP albums -- Hoodwink'd (2014) and Return To Love (2016) -- the second half was written partly for LVL UP's never-to-be next record and partly after the band's split. Though Caridi draws from the same sonic palette that defined his recognizable contributions to LVL UP, the freedom of writing and primarily recording on his own has created the space for experimentation and exploration.

  1. Am I Good
  2. Lose
  3. Losing My Cool
  4. Beamer
  5. I Am Not Warm
  6. On The Rocks
  7. Orchard
  8. Flaws
  9. Weight Of Sun
  10. Memories