Double Double Whammy

10 Years of Double Double Whammy Compilation

*Due to global manufacturing delays, LPs will not ship until Spring.*

In celebration of Double Double Whammy's 10th year as a label, we've put together a compilation of DDW artists covering songs from the label's catalog. Hear your favorite artists cover some of their favorite DDW deep cuts!

Thank you for supporting us for the past decade. 10 more years, let's go! <3

Bundle with "10 Years of DDW" Long Sleeve

  1. Gemma - No Backpack (Told Slant Cover)
  2. Sean Henry - TV Time (Flashlight O Cover)
  3. Mirah - Around You (Free Cake For Every Creature Cover)
  4. Katie Bejsiuk - Hex (LVL UP Cover)
  5. 2nd Grade - Sugar and Spice (Hatchie Cover)
  6. Skirts - Brave (Hovvdy Cover)
  7. Hovvdy - Annie (Skirts Cover)
  8. The Glow - Gum In Hair (Sean Henry Cover)
  9. Told Slant feat. Florist - Holy Fire (Yowler Cover)
  10. Great Grandpa - Bed (Cende Cover)
  11. Long Beard - White Light Doorway (Florist Cover)
  12. Lomelda - Sad 2 (Frankie Cosmos Cover)
  13. Frankie Cosmos - Slide (Lomelda Cover)
  14. The Goodbye Party - Center (Quarterbacks Cover)

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