Double Double Whammy

10 Years of DDW LP + Shirt Bundle

*Due to global manufacturing delays, Items will not ship until Spring.*

This is a bundle of the 10 Years of Double Double Whammy compilation LP on Sky Blue vinyl, and Long Sleeve shirt.

  1. Gemma - No Backpack (Told Slant Cover)
  2. Sean Henry - TV Time (Flashlight O Cover)
  3. Mirah - Around You (Free Cake For Every Creature Cover)
  4. Katie Bejsiuk - Hex (LVL UP Cover)
  5. 2nd Grade - Sugar and Spice (Hatchie Cover)
  6. Skirts - Brave (Hovvdy Cover)
  7. Hovvdy - Annie (Skirts Cover)
  8. The Glow - Gum In Hair (Sean Henry Cover)
  9. Told Slant feat. Florist - Holy Fire (Yowler Cover)
  10. Great Grandpa - Bed (Cende Cover)
  11. Long Beard - White Light Doorway (Florist Cover)
  12. Lomelda - Sad 2 (Frankie Cosmos Cover)
  13. Frankie Cosmos - Slide (Lomelda Cover)
  14. The Goodbye Party - Center (Quarterbacks Cover)